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Studio Sota (Design studio) is a professional product design and OEM/ODM/production control house. The company’s mission and passion have been to create innovative, sophisticated designs and to realize these designs through advanced production methods. Our results reflect this threefold expertise. Sota’s raison d’ętre is to achieve synthesis of superior design and impeccable production for the creation of novel, stunning and functional products. We will stand for nothing less. Our work of arts are created for people who insist on a sophisticated design and quality construction.“There is no problem, only solutions.”.

Studio Sota (Creative/Branding/Photography and Visual Design studio)
Full service Creative/Branding/Photography and visual production based in Bangkok and Shanghai.
Our State of the Art creative Talents with our own visual production's facilities, are the key elements to elevate your works and differentiate your ideas toward the premium solutions with Taste. SOTA Solution is known for the innovative, sleek and sophisticated results, either for for product, service or retail space experience.
Large size studio space, 2 locations in Bangkok, 1 in Shanghai. Services range from studio space only, or with highly experienced creative art director, photographer and visual graphic artist.

Email: info@studiosotadesign.com


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